20^ Giornata – Protagonisti

InStat Index is calculated for a player in every match provided that the following criteria are met:
– the player played for at least 15 minutes, OR
– the player made at least 10 actions, OR
– the player scored a goal, made an assist or drawn a foul which led to a penalty

If the criteria are met, the Index calculation is based on the following indicators:
– quantitative indicators of the player’s actions in the game, specific for each position (action coefficients),
– previous Indexes for all players participating in the game to take into account the level of the teams and the competition.

These indicators are then adjusted by 0.7792, which is an empirical number we calculated based on the previous experience and calculations (this number is the same for all Index calculations).

Actions that are taken into account for each position are different and are representative of the actions that players in such a position usually perform, with some actions/events relevant for all positions (such as, for example, goals scored or conceded by the team).

There are also three different types of indicators calculated based on the actions, which are taken into account:
– The total amount of actions (for example, shots or saves)
– The percentage of successful actions (for example, % of accurate passes)
– The share of the overall team actions of this kind (for example, share of successful dribbles or challenges in defense)

The coefficients for the actions are calculated the following way:
– We take all the players playing in a specific position in our database and calculate how many actions of a specific type they take on average
– If the number of actions of the player in question is higher than the average the value of the coefficient will be higher than 1. If lower – then the value will be lower than 1.
– For some actions the starting point will always be 1 – for example, if the player hasn’t scored any goals or given any assists, their coefficient for the goal scoring attacks will be 1 and it can only increase with the goals/assists. If a player made 0 mistakes, their coefficient will be 1 and if they made mistakes, their coefficient will decrease.
– There is also a position coefficient that is added to the list as well as the match result coefficient. Position coefficient is always the same for all players in that position. Match result coefficient is the same for all players of the team.

Finally, all coefficients are multiplied to get the final action coefficient for the player in this game.

The final formula looks the following way:
InStat Index = Player’s final action coefficient * Average InStat Index for all players
participating in the game for the last 15 matches * 0.7792